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Not Getting A HubSpot Audit is the #1 Mistake Users Make

Not Getting A HubSpot Audit is the #1 Mistake Users Make

Jill Schneider
February 16, 2023

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What if someone told you that you could do more with your HubSpot portal? That you could increase your ROI. Would you nod, then thank them and be on your way because you feel like you are already getting the most out of it? That’s a BIG MISTAKE! Especially when it comes to your inbound marketing strategy.

The HubSpot suite of software simplifies the life of over 158,000+ users worldwide. Chances are, you are one of those users if you’ve found your way to this article. How do you know if you are getting the most out of your HubSpot investment? Ask yourself these four questions:

  1. Are we making mistakes that are hurting our performance?
  2. Is my team using HubSpot the right way?
  3. Could we make simple improvements to get better results?
  4. Is HubSpot really worth it?

If you’ve answered yes, or even wavered to one or more of these questions, you probably aren’t getting the most out of your HubSpot suite of tools.


What is a HubSpot Audit?

A HubSpot audit is an in-depth review of every tool within your HubSpot portal to identify key efficiencies and areas for improvement. 

Marketing Hub | Sales Hub | Service Hub | Operations Hub | CMS Hub

I can imagine you’re thinking, “a HubSpot audit is like that extra warranty manufacturers want me to buy when I purchase anything with moving parts, like a coffee maker.” Does this make anyone else feel like the coffee maker isn’t a good quality item and won’t last long? Raise your hand if you are a rebel, and don’t buy the extra warranty.


4 Signs You Don’t Need a HubSpot Audit

Full transparency here, a HubSpot audit isn’t necessary for everyone. Here are the reasons the time isn’t right for you to get an audit.

  1. You’re currently onboarding to HubSpot with the help of a HubSpot Solutions Partner Agency; a HubSpot audit would be a waste of time and money.
  2. You’ve had a HubSpot audit in the last year.
  3. You just started using HubSpot in the last three months.
  4. You have a very small stack, mostly comprised of free or starter-level tools.

Let’s get our hands dirty and dig deeper into the reasons you need a HubSpot audit. HubSpot is a powerful, comprehensive suite of sales and marketing tools with a lot of moving parts. Add that to the number of people on your team working inside the portal, and a lot of things can happen to make your work harder and more time-consuming than it needs to be.


6 Signs you need a HubSpot audit

You bought HubSpot, and you and your team are using it. You might even have a self-proclaimed “HubSpot expert” on your team. Nothing has blown up. You’re good, right? Here's another mistake. There are 100s of reasons a HubSpot audit is necessary. Here are the top six reasons you can’t skip doing a HubSpot audit.

  1. You’re new to HubSpot and have a sizable stack
  2. You don’t know if using HubSpot’s apps and integrations to their full potential
  3. You can’t report on the success of your sales and marketing initiatives
  4. You’ve missed sales opportunities
  5. Your team is experiencing frequent technical issues
  6. You’ve never audited your HubSpot portal

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You’re new to HubSpot and have a sizable stack.

HubSpot offers a number of plans and tiers for their suite of tools. They are designed to work seamlessly together. The more hubs you have, the more functions and uses can get overlooked, especially if you are new to HubSpot and took the plunge and decided your business could benefit from several hubs. This flows into the next reason.


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Are you using HubSpot’s apps and integrations to their full potential?

Even with the digitization of everything we do, it’s not often you find one app that can handle all your business needs. For this reason, HubSpot offers tons of integrations to help you streamline your processes. A HubSpot audit will analyze the apps and integrations you are currently using and make recommendations on ones you would find value in. It will also uncover which ones you have and are using well, along with the forgotten ones you never got around to using.


You can’t report on the success of your sales and marketing initiatives.

Your sales and marketing strategies and campaigns aren’t made up of one element. Inbound marketing involves using many different types of content and methods to attract, engage, and delight current and potential customers. HubSpot provides dashboards and reports that provide data-driven analytics to let you know how your marketing campaigns are working. A HubSpot audit will take a dive into your current dashboards and reports to see what you’re using and offer recommendations on ones that would be helpful to you.


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Your website traffic is low.

Website traffic is just like sales and marketing strategies. It’s not the result of just one element. The level of traffic to your website, both direct and organic, is the culmination of SEO strategies, UX and UI experience, the quality of your content, the use of lead nurturing emails, and paid ad campaigns. A HubSpot audit will identify areas that need to be improved and provide recommendations on making those changes.


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You’ve missed sales opportunities.

The majority of missed sales opportunities are a result of failure to follow up, lack of engagement with prospects, not knowing your ideal customer, and dirty data. If just one piece of the sales process is out of place or missing, it will disrupt the whole sales process. A HubSpot audit will take a look at current workflows and automations, sales pipeline setup, buyer personas, lead nurturing emails, and the quality of the data in your CRM to identify what you’re doing well and areas that can be improved. Recommendations for optimizing your sales tools to help you maximize your sales strategies will be offered.


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You’re experiencing frequent technical issues.

Every HubSpotter, at one time or another, has thrown up their hands in defeat when trying to figure out an unchartered area of HubSpot. If this is becoming a frequent occurrence — especially when it’s more than one member of your team — and the HubSpot support team is getting to know you by name, it’s time for a HubSpot audit.



You’ve never audited your HubSpot portal.

This goes without saying. Compare your HubSpot portal to grandma’s attic. Over the years, it has accumulated a mass of things that she doesn’t know how to use, or it isn’t working like she thought it would. Or, like still using a flip phone when there are better and more functional options available. Your HubSpot portal can absolutely be optimized so that you can take advantage of its full functionality and supercharge your sales and marketing strategies.



Benefits of A HubSpot Audit

When your HubSpot portal is finely tuned and running like the powerhouse it was built to be, you will find that your marketing initiatives will achieve better results, sales and marketing teams will become aligned and perform like never before, and the ROI on your HubSpot investment will increase. What’s not to love about that?

Don't wait to increase your ROI. Click on Buzzy below and get started with your HubSpot audit before your competition does. 

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