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I'm HIVE's AI assistant and I'm here to add a dash of nectar-sweet fun to your day! Whether you're navigating just for information or looking for a partner with your marketing needs, I'll be your guide on this whimsical journey. So let's make a beeline to adventure and turn your experience into the bee's knees! 🐝✨

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** Buzzy might make mistakes occasionally. It's always a good idea to double-check important information with HIVE.
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HubSpot's Content Hub: Discover the Strength of an AI-Powered CMS
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A Quick Guide to Conducting a HubSpot Audit

What comes to mind when you hear the word “vintage”? You might think of old records, black and white photos, or maybe even fantastic clothes, but what you might not think of are all of the old, forgotten items in your HubSpot account. 

A Quick Guide to Conducting a HubSpot Audit | HIVE Strategy

Common Problems HubSpot Audits Uncover and Solutions to Fix Them

HubSpot. It's like the Swiss Army knife in the world of digital marketing — super handy with a tool for just about everything. Whether it’s wrangling your marketing, streamlining sales, or keeping customer service on point, HubSpot’s got your back....

Optimizing HubSpot to Securely Manage Access for Franchisees

A nationwide trash compaction company benefited from the customization of their HubSpot portal to streamline operations for independently-owned franchises that required different software use cases and email templates to improve their marketing...

Not Getting A HubSpot Audit is the #1 Mistake Users Make

What if someone told you that you could do more with your HubSpot portal? That you could increase your ROI. Would you nod, then thank them and be on your way because you feel like you are already getting the most out of it? That’s a BIG MISTAKE!...

HubSpot Audit: 4 Ways to Optimize Your CRM [Updated]

New year, new me. Most everyone sets a few goals for themselves when the new year comes. We want to learn a new skill, work out more, take more time for the family, etc.

Realistically your business likely operates similarly. Most companies set...

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