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Getting More Out of HubSpot's New Service Hub

Getting More Out of HubSpot's New Service Hub

Mallory Fetchu
May 24, 2022

Interested in learning about how HubSpot can help you Grow Better?

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Customer service has never been more critical. It can be the differentiator that makes or breaks your business's growth. In today's digital world, it means expeditious responses and seamless communication across a multitude of channels from knowledgable service agents who have the tools they need at their fingertips.

Service Hub is part of HubSpot's CRM platform and provides all this and more! This robust software package contains all the tools your service team needs and enables you to connect all of your customer service data and channels to one CRM platform. When you leverage the power of each of HubSpot's dynamic Hubs, you benefit from marketing, sales, content management, and operations tools all in one place.

HubSpot recently rolled out a new and improved version of Service Hub with features designed to strengthen customer relationships while fostering efficiency for service teams. Score one for HubSpot!

As part of HIVE Strategy's Boulder HUG (HubSpot User Group), HubSpot Principal Channel Consultant John-Erik Pszenny joined our Director of Client Success and Operations, Yvonne Hall, in a virtual event where he shared insights and tips on HubSpot's new and improved Service Hub. Watch the virtual event to learn more about Service Hub.

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Read the Transcript

Service Hub Tips and Tricks from John

[00:00:23.930] - John-Erik Pszenny

Well excited to be here and talk about Service Hub, and what I'm actually going to do because a lot of folks are more looking for tips and tricks. I've done this before and a lot of this presentation I geared around talking about what the Service Hub looks like today now that it relaunched. What are the new features? Kind of going over me of the main use cases for it. But given that folks want to really look at tips and tricks for it, I think what I'm going to do is pivot here and adjust to the demo. The live demo. I was going to show everyone how you can use Service Hub for other use cases than just support. Just because it seems more relevant for this crowd. I can re-pivot and go back into all the new features as well after that if folks would like to if that unds good with everyone. It unds like that might be more exciting to start with. that's what I will do.

[00:01:18.550] - Yvonne Hall

Anything you say and share. It's exciting to listen to experts, I love it.

[00:01:27.450] - John-Erik Pszenny

Kind of talking about before the recording started, I've been a huge nerd on the Service Hub for a really long time now. I think it's something that a lot of folks initially wrote off as a product. You just kind of seem like oh, we have our own software that we're using for post-sale or for service or for support. unds great about HubSpot, but that challenged me to find out, what could we actually use the Service Hub for if it's not just for support? What are other use cases for?

Use Case: A Customer Onboarding Example

[00:01:56.940] - John-Erik Pszenny

That got me thinking and working with a bunch of my partners on other use cases for the service hub. And here are my examples on the screen here. Using the Service Hub for customer onboarding, new hire, onboarding projects, customer relationship management, work orders, and then the additional value add of hey, if I'm actually reusing tickets instead of a support way but actually using it to track post-sale processes, I can now actually build in reporting as well on all those post-sale processes.

I'll show you what I mean here. This is my demo portal. It’s what I use to just nerd around and build stuff out in. Let’s go to the sales tools and then to deals. great, we've seen deals before. Fantastic. If I go into the settings here, it'll bring me right to deals, and then I'll click my pipelines, pick my right pipeline, and then automate. I can automate by stage. With Sales Pro Plus you can automate specific actions to happen when a deal hits a certain stage.

[00:03:09.030] - John-Erik Pszenny

What I have here under this example, is how to use it for onboarding. But I encourage you to kind of think outside the box and like, okay, I see how we could use it for this. I see how we could potentially use it for other examples, but once a deal hits closed one, I have my ticket pipeline set up to track and automate my entire customer onboarding process. when a deal hits closed, one automatically creates a ticket in my onboarding pipeline and copies all of the information from the deal to the ticket automatically. No manual work is needed. anything I want to keep consistent from my sales process for the success team or post-sale team or whomever to know about that customer automatically transfers over. Once that's done, we go to the ticket pipeline, which I have recalibrated from sort of a support pipeline to be more for client onboarding. And now each stage of the ticket pipeline is a different stage of that process. I've kind of reused it from okay, this is just a support pipeline to now great. I can now see a board of every stage of our onboarding process and where my different customers are at in that process.

[00:04:22.180] - John-Erik Pszenny

And then again, the added value-added. Just like deals, I can automate the entire thing inside of tickets. I go to the settings again; it'll bring me to tickets and then go to pipelines. I'll pick my pipeline and then hit automate. And then I can have things specifically happen at each stage. great, I want to assign them to a success owner. I want to send them a welcome email to welcome like working with us or if this is like a work order, hey, the order is received, this is the pern or rep who's going to be working on it. Here's information for you can have personalization tokens right in the email, it's consistent and all personalized for each individual and what they ordered or what products they purchased with you, or what their next steps are any of that stuff. But you can now automate all of those different things that maybe are manual today in your processes to hey, I want to ping our internal team, maybe our Web Dev team, or our back end team to do an action. Or maybe I want to ping a support rep to let them know it's hit a certain stage.

[00:05:29.650] - John-Erik Pszenny

Possibilities are endless there because you can create workflows that tie right into the ticket pipeline. one of the things I hear from folks on this is like, great John, that's awesome. But we use Asana, we use Base Camp to do project management and do that stuff. This doesn't have to replace that actually. Most of those software actually integrate with HubSpot and we have native integrations with those. And when you are integrated with Asana, you actually will see a step at the bottom here that says populate a task inside of Asana. You could say, hey, when a ticket hits a certain stage, automatically populate these ten tasks inside of Asana. It becomes, instead of when you're starting like project management or post-sale or anything instead of it all kind of coming into once you have to go into the Asana log, like 100 tasks that need to get done, you now can stagger it throughout your entire process. Great. These ten tasks are populated when someone reaches this stage of the work order or of the onboarding process or for a new hire, instead of overloading them and overwhelming them with like here's all your stuff.

[00:06:39.050] - John-Erik Pszenny

You're a new person at our company now. It's a staggered thing and you could say great, when they hit week one, they got to do these things. Week two, do these things, week three, on, and so forth. From there, you can align with it. Great, I want to maybe have as a part of this a specific process for tracking, I want to reach out with feedback and remind them to leave us feedback somewhere or follow up with a customer feedback survey with the Service Hub, you can automate that as well, and not only automate it, but you can choose who it goes to. You can update your tickets with custom properties to track things that are not native under the ticket. I want to track something like maybe their client, their industry, or I want to track how much revenue they're generating for us, what's their monthly revenue, recurring revenue, or something. I can track all of that stuff, but I could al maybe track whether they are a happy customer or not. And if they're happy, I can set up a workflow to say, hey, I only want people that the success owner is marked as happy to be sent an email saying hey, we'd love your feedback or send it to everyone because I think collecting all of the information is going to help you grow.

[00:07:54.560] - John-Erik Pszenny

But to give you more rt of ideas on how you could use this and automate this whole process, I think that's a cool thing to point out. The other neat thing that I'll mention before showing you the last bit of this is with the customer portal, which is a new feature of Service Hub. You can repurpose that for this use case. if you don't know what the customer portal is, it's a way for customers of yours to log in and gain visibility into the status of a ticket. You can actually pick and choose what properties so someone can see externally when they log into the customer portal. they can see great, here's my ticket, here's the status, here's the pern that's working on it. You can do the same thing for, hey, if we're going to reuse this, maybe for onboarding or for a work order or for anything else, our customer can log in, see the status of that work order, see the status of where they're at and onboarding, or any of those types of different situations. You're just repurposing what it was originally used for.

[00:08:55.530] - Yvonne Hall

Hey, John, on that service portal, is that Pro and above or Enterprise only? I can't recall. Just thought we should specify as you're talking about it.

[00:09:07.300] - John-Erik Pszenny

I believe the customer portal was Enterprise. I'm not sure if they moved it down to Pro recently, but for what I know I'm going to be safe and say it's Enterprise still currently, but I can double-check for us.

[00:09:20.030] - Yvonne Hall

sounds great. We'll follow up on that for everyone.

[00:09:22.840] - John-Erik Pszenny

Yeah. The final piece of this I wanted to show. Hopefully, this has been a little eye-opening to say, okay, cool. I could re-purpose this for lots of different use cases. Now, this is the crowning piece of it is great. Now because I've built in custom properties to my tickets to track things that don't natively live on tickets. But I want to be in line with one of these processes I'm building out as a ticket pipeline. I can now build reporting as well. Great. Now I have a one-stop shop full dashboard of all of that post-sale information that typically from my experience is either something that a lot of companies have to stitch together or they don't have a really good place to kind of be able to bird's eye view see it in one place. Now I have a whole dashboard of great. I want to break down of the amount of monthly recurring revenue that my individual success team folks are managing, or I want to break down my clients by industry, or I want to see how many individual specific accounts my success owners or account managers are managing at one time.

[00:10:30.380] - John-Erik Pszenny

 again, possibilities are endless here. This is just to show you like, great, we have all the keys here. Process automation to make the process easier, open for advanced and long-term enhancements to it as well. It's something that you're always going to be able to keep enhancing and be able to figure out where is there other opportunities to automate this piece of the process or Ping someone or just make this more streamlined? But now you can al get reporting and visibility onto it as well, which is really neat. that's my pitch on this other kind of unique use case of the Service Hub I do always like to mention too. It just dovetails really well with the feedback surveys feature of Service Hub, too. If you haven't used this before with Service Hub Professional and above, you can now do custom feedback surveys. gone are the times of needing to use Survey Monkey to build your own custom surveys that you want to use in many different applications. Whether that's after a webinar for marketing purposes or post-sale for feedback from your customers, or just general feedback on content on your website or anything under the sun.

[00:11:41.000] - John-Erik Pszenny

You can now build custom feedback surveys and they actually have a beta out right now where they can choose your own adventure. if you set up a whole survey, someone answers a question in a specific way, the next question they see could look completely different than the next other person. you can be very valuable as a tool there and you're getting me more advanced features reporting built right in the HubSpot you can utilize it. But you get the benefit of me of these other prebuilt surveys like customer support, which is a prebuilt survey that you have go out when a ticket hits the end of your ticket pipeline. again, if I'm using it for onboarding any of those other processes, I want to have immediately a survey goes out to those folks. At the end of that process, there's a survey that you can just drop right in line with that. Any questions before I'm going to stop there? I know there was a lot, but that's kind of I just wanted to show folks that unique use case of the Service Hub.

[00:13:14.390] - Yvonne Hall

Does anyone have any questions? I didn't see any in the chat.

[00:13:20.310] - John-Erik Pszenny

Was that new for folks? Have you seen that use case before? Was that helpful to see? Got any ideas going or how do we feel about that?

[00:13:29.670] - Yvonne Hall

It was definitely helpful for me. We are launching a Service Hub project with a client and that's the perfect use case for us. I know our team is going to be looking closely at this recording. Yuki wants to know if you happen to know if there's a CoSchedule integration.

[00:13:57.510] - John-Erik Pszenny

Now with the Operations Hub and the custom coded actions and webhooks, you can build integrations between HubSpot and most other systems that have an open API. CoSchedule specifically, we do have an integration with them. CoSchedule actually built the integration between themselves and HubSpot, there’s a pre-built one that you could just use through them and hook up pretty easily.

[00:14:25.250] - Yvonne Hall

Awesome. Who else has questions? Chris and I know that you were looking for tips and tricks for clients as well. Does that use case come in handy for any of your clients that are utilizing Service Hub right now or need to be utilizing Service Hub?

[00:14:58.020] - John-Erik Pszenny

And I can start going through the new features that were presented when we relaunched the Service Hub recently for the rest of the time, or if folks just want to chat and have questions totally up to you. I wasn't sure if folks really wanted to dive into some of those new features or not.

[00:15:18.170] - Yvonne Hall

If you have a specific request that you want to see John go through, please add that to chat. Otherwise, I think it's great for you to just start in on the other. You’re great at being able to answer questions on the fly,  I'm sure if someone specifically has a question you can pivot. Kristen did reply and say she's talked before with me customers, but that was a good reminder of how to use Service Hub more proactively when she's talking to her clients about Service Hub. And Yuki did respond that she's very excited to finally cancel Survey Monkey and utilize the surveys within Service Hub as well. I'm excited for you as well, Yuki.

The HubSpot Custom Survey Tool

[00:16:11.920] - John-Erik Pszenny

The survey tool is really cool. And again, the whole value of HubSpot that I usually get pretty psyched about is it's all in one? Everything like the surveys is now in there, the reporting is all in there. You can get be able to compare and contrast those surveys that people took. I'm glad there's the addition of the custom surveys, and customer feedback surveys. Folks lean on custom surveys too much sometimes though, and I think are often overlooked. The other survey types inside a HubSpot. Some folks write them off because they're like, oh, they're super basic. It's only like one question if you think about how we interact online nowadays. We want things fast, and our attention span is almost nonexistent. Now when we're not focused on our work, we're doing something for ourselves. Those surveys are specifically designed to reach those people that are moving fast because it’s simple that it's harder to ignore. If I have a one question thing where it's a happy, sad, or middle neutral face, if I see that that's the only question, the immediate investment to time that I see in that question, I know I'm probably going to be like, oh cool, I'm not going to have to answer all these other ones.

[00:17:35.560] - John-Erik Pszenny

You're probably going to reach more people and get more feedback from them. But now you do have the option of the custom feedback surveys as well. you can really dig deeper into specific questions on like a follow-up to a webinar or something. But those other surveys are really nice to have as nice touchpoints on. Hey, you just downloaded this piece of content How'd you like it, or we want to specifically target folks on our website that have done X, Y, and Z and make sure this survey is only viewable to them. You can be like, hey, this survey isn't viewable to everyone. It's only someone who downloaded this piece of content or is a customer of ours. Or you can get very strategic with who these surveys are appearing for, which is pretty neat.

[00:18:18.010] - Yvonne Hall

Absolutely. I have more survey questions, but I want to make sure that Kristen's question gets to you. She's interested in learning some cool use cases for the Conversations API.

The Conversations API Gives You More Control

[00:18:32.890] - John-Erik Pszenny

API is fairly new to HubSpot. I know that's a big thing. We're still working on building out even more. I am a big conversation nerd as well. I think that's another area I feel like folks overlook as a useful tool. I have a bunch of folks using the Conversations tool again, not for support, but for a type email to their customers, for upsell opportunity, and staff are trained to email into that email address and it all falls into one box and their assigned sales rep gets pinged or their account owner gets pinged and now it's trackable it's in one place and they can just auto spin up a deal right from there. Things don't fall through the wayside or get lost in the weeds. You can use that conversation inbox for a lot of other purposes. And don't even get me started about bots because I talked about bots for hours as well. But the Conversations API is one I'd probably not be as great talking about just because it's still new and people are working on it.

[00:19:52.480] - John-Erik Pszenny

Still. I can always follow up with information there too.

[00:19:57.410] - Yvonne Hall

Absolutely. We can still ask you to talk about more things even though you're taking that promotion. We'll follow up on that. Why don't you get started on going through the other piece we will monitor, chat and interrupt you if we have any questions.

Explore The New Features of Service Hub

[00:20:23.030] - John-Erik Pszenny

I like it. Let me know if you can see my screen again. This is the original deck that I like to use for this and it really just goes through the root of the main features of the Service Hub today and highlights some of the new features. The three main components of our Service Hub is the Help Desk features, the Omni Channel service, and fully integrated CRM and automation. You can see on this breakdown and we'll make sure you have this slide deck after too, you can reference it in case you are taking notes right now on these specific slides, we got you. This is a breakdown of all of the current features of Service Hub. These are the three main core themes of the features. The Help desk area breaks it down: Shared Inbox, Customer Views, Agent Presence, Mobile Inbox Knowledge Base, and Customer Portal. I will focus on the main new features, which is number one, is the customer portal for this theme. The customer portal is, I think I mentioned it earlier in the use case for like, oh, you could use it for customer onboarding or new hire onboarding.

The Brand New Customer Portal and Use Cases

[00:21:45.510] - John-Erik Pszenny

But what it is, is it is a new area where customers of yours can log in and be able to see the status of their ticket and you can have it be viewable to an entire company. anybody associated with the company that the ticket belongs to can log in and see it, or just the individual pern that opened the ticket originally. But you can allow them to log in, have constant communication or a record of chat communication regarding their ticket right from that portal, but they canal see the status of the ticket. again, if you're using it for different use cases, you can have it kind of designed in that way to be like, great, this is for onboarding. We want them to see what stage of onboarding they're in, and any other properties we want them to see. Because you can pick and choose which properties associated with the ticket is viewable externally to folks on this customer portal. But it's a neat new tool. It is actually for Pro Plus, it’s available for a Service Hub professional. not just enterprise anymore, which is exciting. circle back on that.

Introducing the Mobile Inbox! Access Conversations from Anywhere

[00:22:53.490] - John-Erik Pszenny

But yeah, you can easily update this to your brand may look and feel like it's just an extension of your website, but it's a pretty cool new feature that I think is really has a lot of applicable use cases. The other new feature in the help desk area is the mobile inbox. This one is pretty straightforward, but it just allows your team, if you are using Service Hub for a support purpose or just wanting your team to be able to rapidly see your conversations inbox on the fly, they can now access that from their phones, from anywhere, they don't have to be at their desk. They can see assigned tickets or the open inbox anything assigned to them or all conversations right from the palm of their hand. And this comes with just the free version of the conversation inbox, which comes with the base level of HubSpot. And then for new features in the Omni channel service, there is firstly the post-chat feedback. Now, this is actually a new feature that's in line with if you're using live chat. This is a new feature that's in line with the live chat.

Omni Channel Service Connects You with Customers Across Multiple Channels

[00:24:04.640] - John-Erik Pszenny

When a conversation ends with live chat, it immediately follows up with a hey, how is your experience today? you get live post-chat feedback from an individual right at the end of a solution that's given or right from a conversation that happens between them. And one of your reps on live chat, you can aggregate individual chat feedback. You can trigger automation based on that feedback. If somebody says they were happy, maybe doesn't tell you why, but says hey, we're happy, you can have specific communication go out to those folks as opposed to the people that maybe say hey, I didn't have a good experience to have very personalized approaches based on that feedback. And that goes for all of the feedback surveys, not just this post-chat feedback, any of them based on someone's answer. You can have specific automation set up to say hey, I'm going to talk to you in a very different manner than someone who said it was happy as opposed to didn't have a good experience or maybe a neutral experience. And that is available for Pro Plus. The other big new feature is inbound Calling, which is in beta currently.

Conversational Intelligence is Here with Inbound Calling (Currently in Beta)

[00:25:13.190] - John-Erik Pszenny

This allows you speed and authenticity with all the information you need in one place. You can receive inbound calls directly to your personal device and automatically upload that call data to HubSpot CRM. You can get phone numbers right from HubSpot to use. You don't have to use your own personal number or anything, and then it connects you to voice-over IP. This is right from Starter Plus. And this is the feature that if you have Service Hub today, you have above Starter, you could request access to it by connecting with your CSM.

[00:25:50.510] - Yvonne Hall

And John, my assumption on this one is that it's only available for those people who have a service seat. Correct? Okay, just making sure.

[00:26:03.350] - John-Erik Pszenny

Good call out. Yes. Anyone who has a seat in Starter, they have a starter seat. Or if you have Pro or Enterprise, anyone who is assigned a seat is able to do this and then not super new from the relaunch, but something I usually like to point out. This is an Enterprise feature, but this is the conversational intelligence tool that comes with HubSpot which allows you to get a breakdown of if you're recording your calls through HubSpot and calling through HubSpot, you can actually get a breakdown of your talk time. When did the customer talk? When did your rep talk? I want to see a full play-by-play of it. I want to see a transcript of the specific conversation so we can track specific terms in it. You can be like hey if the customer said XYZ, or maybe my team said XYZ for training purposes, I can see if they're mentioning specific terms or products enough in the calls, or if a customer or individual I'm talking to mentions specific things you can actually trigger workflows to send out to them based on things they talked about in the call, which is pretty cool. This is an Enterprise feature, but it's a really good coaching tool as well. As a way to identify what's being talked a lot about and maybe have some automation that triggers out to folks post-call based on what was talked about.

Service Hub: Service Level Agreements (SLA’s)

[00:27:20.390] - John-Erik Pszenny

And then finally for the fully integrated CRM and automation newer features, there are the SLAs. This is one I'm pretty excited about. This is something that you can set up in the settings area of the Service Hub and set up specific service level agreements for things like time to first reply, time to close, be able to build reports on them, and see if people are meeting those metrics. you're basically able to say hey, our team should do X, Y, and Z. This is our guardrails for them and what good looks like. Let's set those up and make sure that as a business owner or whoever is in charge of that department, I have visibility into what's being done, and for any individuals that our teams that are not hitting those numbers, I can hone in on that and have specific coaching conversations with those folks and help them enable them in the role to be able to be meeting these metrics or service level agreements there. I would be surprised, this is my take on it, this is not a confirmation, but I would be surprised if this doesn't find its way to other parts of HubSpot.

New Customer Feedback Surveys Are Now In Beta

[00:28:38.900] - John-Erik Pszenny

A very exciting new feature for the Service Hub as of today and then mentioned customer surveys. I won't spend too much time on it because we already talked about it a ton. It's been in service pro for a little while now. Customer Feedback surveys. The newer feature that is in beta right now that you can request access to is the ability to have progressive forms or fields on the survey. Again, if you can set it up to say hey if someone answers this question in this manner, I want them to see a whole different set of questions than Yvonne might see if she answers the question in a different manner than I do, which is pretty neat and allows for someone to have a very tailored experience. And then the final new feature is service analytics. being able to uncover key insights with out-of-the-box reports that can help you deliver service that's both efficient and authentic.

Uncover Key Insights with the New Service Analytics Feature

[00:29:48.670] - John-Erik Pszenny

I’m excited about more reporting built into the tool that's available for Starter Plus, but giving you more things like average time to close a ticket, chat, wait time support volume. Just more visibility and more reports that you can use again for getting a pulse. Check onto how that process is being run, how things are going, as well as the potential ability to see and hone in on specific individuals for me coaching opportunities if they're not exceeding metrics that they need to not meeting them, but al being able to Hone in on overachievers. You can enable them to maybe do some coaching with the rest of the team because they're what good and doing a really good job.

But that is it for the main new features of the relaunch. Talk about me of the use cases for the post-sale type use case of the service hub. again, project management. I've seen it for new hires, onboarding for prospects, for interviews, who are folks going through your interview process right now? Do you have different communication that goes out to them at different stages of it? It's a great way to ensure that it's a streamlined process each time that for training new team members that come on, streamlined process for everything for our customers, streamline the process, projects, and customer relationship.

[00:31:13.810] - John-Erik Pszenny

There are a lot of different use cases for it and I hope seeing that demo kind of got me ideas or wheels turning, but I will stop there and if there are any other questions on it, I appreciate you all for having me here today, but yeah, happy to answer any questions and take into that.

Q & A with John

[00:31:31.850] - Yvonne Hall

Who has questions or is excited about something that spurred a thought as John was sharing all of this, Kristen said that's cool. She didn't know they could trigger workflows based on terms used. That was in that conversation intelligence tool, right?

Can I trigger workflows based on the terms used?

[00:31:53.340] - John-Erik Pszenny

Yes, in the conversation intelligence tool. Which is pretty neat.

I’d like to build out our knowledge base. However, we don't have live chat in place yet.

[00:31:57.340] - John-Erik Pszenny

Yeah, I think the big difference between live chat and a bot is that I would never suggest live chat if you don't have a team that can treat it like a phone call at all times, that's what live chat is there for. Like if you can't have someone meet that SLA of like I'm going to communicate on live chat. Like we are having a live conversation right now and you don't have the ability to have it covered at all times. Live chat probably isn't the best fit. I think it is useful in some cases, but bots are pretty crazy now. You can get very strategic with them, especially HubSpot bots. What I personally think are one of the more underutilized tools in HubSpot. You can have a bot have a completely different conversation with someone based on what information you have saved on them. if you're again like tracking buyer persona that can have a very different conversation with someone opposed to like Yvonne as opposed to me, and it can drop in a search bar for the knowledge base.

To answer your question directly, I don't think you would necessarily need live chat to be able to get your knowledge base running. I think you just use a chat flow or a bot to speak and have it utilize the knowledge base option in there which just allows someone to search it has like a search bar that comes up in it says hey, what are you looking for? Allow somebody to search it right from the bot and the bot will send them the most relevant articles based on what they're looking for.

[00:33:38.600] - Yvonne Hall

And what you might think about Yuki is if you're sending people to those knowledge base articles in the HubSpot knowledge base, it does ask did this answer your question kind of scenario? You could always put in information on how to either submit a ticket or send an email or call your support team if that knowledge base article did not meet or answer the question or issue that they were having, especially since that live chat doesn't sound like it's an option for you.

[00:34:17.210] - John-Erik Pszenny

Yes, and you can totally I could do a whole other session on bots because I could narrow it out on that for days. My general suggestion with bots is if you have one bot that's covering your entire site, turn it off immediately. It's not doing what you want it to do. Every page has a different intent to it. your home page you're going to be doing the people on your home page and doing something different than on your services page or your product page. Having a different bot based on the intent of the page very specifically is going to be much more effective in a conversational marketing strategy. if you have, I usually suggest having like three different bot types. One that's more concierge helps people find their way around the site. One that's more sales focused and has more questions than it asks, but make sure to do the 50 50 value exchange and then more of a customer service type bot that can either open up a ticket or be a little bit more focused on working with a customer rather than a new prospect. But having ones that are very specific based on the intent of the page is always the right way to go.

[00:35:23.330] - John-Erik Pszenny

But you can then have workflows that follow up with folks based on the collected information, but all the bot can engage with them very differently live as it collects information from them. the conversation can change because you're setting a bot up, kind of like a workflow like with if-then statements, if they answer this way, go down this way, if they answer that way, go down this way. it can get very strategic and it's a good whiteboarding session that I would suggest is to start with. But I just dug a little hole for myself there with bots. But any other questions on the service hub?

[00:36:02.670] - Yvonne Hall

Right? I haven't seen any other questions Yuki followed up and really appreciates your journey down a little with her about bots, thank you for that. I know you have to jump in a couple of minutes. One thing that we just wanted to mention, I know that several people on the call already have and are using Service Hub. However, for those that are not using Service Hub and they're just trying to determine if it's a good fit, pricing goes up on Monday for Service Hub.

[00:36:46.690] - John-Erik Pszenny

Yeah, on May 2 second, it will go up by $100.

[00:36:51.870] - Yvonne Hall

If you are thinking about adding it and anything in today's conversation with John prompted the yes, we definitely need to do this. Reach out to your CSM at HubSpot or let us know. We're happy to help here at HIVE as well, making sure that you get locked into the current legacy pricing for Service Hub before that price goes up on Monday. Just wanted to make sure that everyone is aware of that price increase coming. Anything else? Last-minute thoughts, John? 1 minute left for you to share more wisdom.

[00:37:39.630] - John-Erik Pszenny

We just like to thank you all for having me today. Yvonne, thank you for pivoting. I know Dustin was supposed to run this today, but I think you did an amazing job as usual. I appreciate you and being flexible here and all of you for having me. I appreciate it.

[00:37:56.500] - Yvonne Hall

Absolutely. Thanks as always, John. And I'm going to stay on for a few extra minutes in case anyone has questions. Maria said thank you. She's new to HubSpot and these sessions have been helpful. I know I started with hugs actually as well over five years ago when I started using HubSpot. And I 100% agree, Maria, that it definitely got me into the world and understanding all the capabilities.

[00:38:46.110] - John-Erik Pszenny

Love it. Thank you, everybody. Have a good rest of the day.

[00:38:53.650] - Yvonne Hall

Great. I know that some people are jumping off now. Appreciate you all saying thank you, but just wanted to point out again, if you have any questions, whether it's on the implementation of Service Hub, use cases of Service Hub that you need to run by someone. Now is a good time to do that. Or you can reach out to us here at HIVE directly as well. And then specifically, if you're needing to take advantage of getting in on the current pricing before the price goes up next week, definitely reach out and let us know. Tim on our team is actually the best pern to contact and will respond most quickly on our team, and his email address is if you have any of our email addresses, we're all pretty friendly and we'll get back to you as well. Joe just asked. Hi Joe. Best resources for seeing Service Hub reporting examples, not standard reports. That's a great question, and I know that John P has previously shared me use case examples, I’ll look into that and I'll include that information of reporting examples for Service Hub when we have this recording as well as those slide deck links go out.

[00:40:44.250] - Yvonne Hall

My hope is that this recording will be processed today and we can send all of that information and resources out to you today. But Joe, I'll definitely see what resources I can find and can share with you on reporting examples. That's a great request. I feel like I need that sometimes for all of the Hub reporting as well. Thanks, Tim, for putting your information in chat. Does anyone else have anything that you would love to discuss now or want us to follow up on and include either specifically for you or to the larger group that attended with us today any resource that you need or something that you're having trouble finding, either a how-to or examples for Service Hub uses. Great. Well, thank you everyone for not allowing my tech issues to keep you from joining us today. We are very excited to be running Hugs again this year, hopefully back in pern on. I know that there are hybrid capabilities as well, even those of you that are not in the Denver Boulder area, hopefully even after we go to live in pern Events, we can incorporate a way for those of you outside of the drivable area to participate with us as well.

[00:42:41.030] - Yvonne Hall

And if you're not in this area, take advantage of any hugs that you can, especially in an area where you really want to learn more in. Like I was saying after Maria's comment, this is actually how I started up-leveling in HubSpot was just attending those local HUG events in the Denver area and I am a full-fledged HubSpotter. I will not use any other marketing platform. This is definitely where I want to live. thanks again, everyone. As on as this recording is done processing, we will send out the recording not only to all of you that RSVP to this new Event that we started this morning but to the Previous attendees that RSVP to the original event prior to today everyone will be getting the recording, the slide deck links as well as follow up like best resources that Joe asked for. Thanks again much and we'll be reaching out about a hug that we are going to be sharing next quarter. Have a great weekend, everyone. Bye.

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