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Inbound Marketing: Why You Need a HubSpot Partner Agency

Inbound Marketing: Why You Need a HubSpot Partner Agency

Amber Klein
October 24, 2016

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HubSpot is the world's leading inbound marketing software and is known for its innovative approach to inbound marketing and software. HubSpot is driven to help businesses grow and succeed through their inbound marketing strategies. And while it's definitely possible for companies to manage all of their own inbound marketing in-house (more on that in a minute), HubSpot  also recognizes the value for companies to partner with marketing agencies

So what does working with a HubSpot Partner Agency mean to you as a client? Let's take a look at several benefits of working with a certified partner.

1. Strategy-first

Inbound marketing isn't rocket science. I can comfortably say that as I am not a rocket scientist. I know you're shocked. Sorry I had to break the news like this. Despite this fact, it does take knowledge and experience to develop a successful inbound marketing strategy. When you work with a HubSpot partner agency, you have access to a team of inbound marketing experts, all with their own specializations. This team has the experience and training to develop a comprehensive, customized inbound marketing strategy that will help your business reach its goals.

As a HubSpot partner, we undergo extensive training in inbound marketing and are constantly keeping up-to-date on the future of inbound marketing. While your marketing might just be a piece of your overall day-to-day focus, it's our entire focus. That means we can put forth the time and effort it takes to make sure we're doing it right. 

The best partner agencies know that inbound is not a one-size-fits-all solution and that the strategy that works for a financial planning company won't necessarily work for a law firm or vice versa. Instead, they will develop a custom strategy based on your specific goals, challenges, and opportunities that speak to your personas. 

2. Team players

There are many tactics and pieces that go into creating an overall inbound campaign. As I mentioned above, when you are working with a HubSpot partner agency, you have access to a team of inbound marketing experts who all have their own specializations. Different people on your team will likely deal with different tactics of your overall campaign. In order to execute a successful campaign, your team of experts must work together to ensure everything is on-strategy and working towards the same goal. 

3. Innovative

Inbound is by nature an innovative form of marketing. Inbound marketing agencies, therefore are naturally innovative and HubSpot partner agencies even more so. HubSpot allows us to constantly keep up with changing trends and the tool itself helps us to constantly be innovating to help your company stay in front of your prospects and customers. 

4. Software expertise

In order to become a HubSpot partner agency, the agency as a whole must first pass the HubSpot Certification. This is a test and practicum that agencies must pass in order to prove that they understand not only inbound but how to use the HubSpot software to its best ability. So in addition to being experts in inbound marketing, a HubSpot partner agency will be able to train you on the HubSpot software, answer any questions you might have, and get you comfortable with the tools. HubSpot is an incredibly robust tool that is constantly evolving so, in order to make sure you are getting the most value out of it, there's no better partner than a HubSpot partner. 

5. Reporting and optimization

As mentioned previously, there are so many moving parts in an inbound campaign! And it can be difficult to keep the pulse on each and every one of them while determining how they are working together and what's performing best. The best way to make sure that your campaigns are moving in the right direction and to optimize as needed is to use the analytics and reports in your HubSpot portal. HubSpot's reporting is robust and all-inclusive but they're not always easy to interpret. HubSpot partner agencies are full of data geeks who not only understand how to read reports but understand what to do based on the findings of each so you are maximizing your efforts.

This is just a list of the few reasons you should consider partnering with a HubSpot certified partner agency. We could go on for days listing additional benefits! Ultimately, though, it really comes down to finding the best people to help your business become the best. As agency partners, we work in the HubSpot tool every day and can really help you make sure that your inbound marketing is working towards your overall goals and that you are seeing the best value from the software. 

Ready to learn more about how working with a HubSpot partner agency can help your business grow? We love to talk HubSpot and inbound marketing. Contact us to see if we are a good fit for your marketing needs. New call-to-action