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8 Ideas to Generate More Leads Online Today

Dustin Brackett
August 13, 2016

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We all want our websites to work a little harder, to dig a little deeper, to simply generate more leads online. It's easier said than done and many businesses really struggle with generating those leads.

Your website is meant to be your hardest working and highest selling salesman. The thing can't do it alone. It needs some help. Let's take a look at eight ideas that you can implement today to start generating more leads online.

 1. Run a giveaway or contest

Everyone loves free things. Everyone. But the trick is matching up your give-get with the perceived value of the prize. There have been plenty of giveaways for great items that have completely flopped because the company made their entrants jump through hoops to enter. Make sure that you offer a prize that your most important persona will value and only require an amount of work or information that matches their desire to win that prize. Then - promote the heck out of that contest or giveaway!

2. Promote old content

One thing that a lot of businesses fail to understand is that most online content does not have an expiration date. Just because you've promoted it once doesn't mean it can't be used again! Dig through those content offers that you've developed over the years and determine which are still viable (or can become viable with small tweaks) and start promoting them again. "Old" content regularly creates some of the best returns for many businesses.

3. Create a quiz

Quizzes are a very engaging and fun way to generate leads. A well-designed quiz can capture high-quality leads and even get people talking about and sharing the quiz with their friends because they want to compare results. This one will take some organization and thought on question format, number of questions, how to structure results, and scoring, but it can be a very successful way to generate leads quickly. 

4. Ask for reviews

Reviews are one of the quickest ways to build (or destroy) trust with potential leads and buyers. It's important to be strategic, but asking for and getting reviews from your best customers or clients can really help your reputation and help create more leads quickly. It's important to remember that reviewing your company is a favor to your company so making it as easy as possible is definitely the way to go.

5. Create smart content

We all like to feel special. We all want to see content that relates to what we're searching for. Take the time to develop a smart content plan and you'll see your leads increase right away. The key is developing a plan so that when a current contact or subscriber visits your site they'll see new opportunities to convert into leads or progress through the sales funnel.

6. Make it exclusive

There is no reason to go to your website and give up information in order to convert into a lead if the same offer is being given away for free on Facebook or in your physical shop. Make your offers online exclusive to only people that convert through your site then promote those offers through your other marketing channels (including offline advertising).

7. Guest blog

It seems strange to many people, but volunteering your time, effort, and work to be posted on another company's blog can have a big impact on your leads. Reach out to some relevant websites where your top personas hang out and offer to create some content for their blog. Doing this will provide valuable backlinks to your website and will attract some of their client base to see what you're all about.

8. Don't forget your signature

It gets overlooked (or overdone) a lot, but your email signature can actually push lead conversions. Promoting a specific offer or simply including links to your landing pages can push traffic from your email to become leads in a single click.

You want to generate more leads. We want to generate more leads. No matter the business, it's likely that they want to generate more leads online. Take the time to implement some of these ideas and you will see your leads start increasing quickly.

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