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Generating Leads Online: Why You Need High Value Content

Dustin Brackett
June 26, 2017

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While almost every website has a "Sign up for our Newsletter" form, how many leads are actually being generated from that form? If you're like most businesses, the answer is probably not many. Forms like that have a very low conversion rate. The trick to generating leads online is giving something in return. Very few businesses have the following and content to get a visitor so excited about their business to sign up for their newsletter with a simple form like that. For almost every business, a form like that is one of the lowest converting calls-to-action.

In order to gain information from your visitors, you need to offer something in return. That is where high value content offers come in. 

First, let's discuss what high value content actually is. It can be a number of things, but essentially it's information that your visitors find valuable. Common formats include eBooks, white papers, infographics, checklists, quizzes, videos, and more. If you've developed a great piece of content that your target personas find valuable, they'll willingly give up their information to obtain it. 

High value content can (and should) target prospects in every stage of the sales funnel. In order to be successful with your content marketing and generate more leads online, you've got to appeal to your target personas whether they're just discovering that they have a problem, weighing their options to solve their problem, comparing companies, or they're ready to take action. 

So now lets take a look at how theses pieces of content can help you generate more leads!

Value for value

Like I mentioned before, just showing someone a form doesn't mean that they'll even consider filling it out. You've got to provide some sort of reason for them to give up that information. That reason should likely be a piece of content that is helpful for their needs and fit with the stage of the funnel that they're in. Producing that great content will make it a no-brainer for your visitors to fill out the form. 

No one likes a one sided business. Don't expect something for nothing, give your prospects something in return for their information! 

Helpful not sales-y

Like we discuss in Out with the Old, In with the New: Why Inbound Marketing is the Answer, one of the fundamental purposes of an inbound marketing campaign is to focus on being helpful for your prospects and customers, not overly sales-y. With great high value content you can do just that. You have the opportunity to educate your readers with information that they're searching for. This builds trust and keeps your business front of mind.

Industry leader

Proving that you are a leader in your industry is a huge step to developing trust with your prospects and makes it much more likely that they will do business with you, even if your prices are higher than your competitors. Sharing your knowledge and expertise in the form of eBooks, white papers, and checklists will establish you as an industry leader and help lead them through the inbound journey.

Of course there are other ways of generating these leads, but many companies take the easier road and offer some sort of discount, but isn't a lead worth more to you if you're not discounting your products or services? The idea of providing extra value as opposed to discounting your prices is always going to be more appealing for the business. It's just a matter of investing the time and resources into developing great content that resonates with your prospects.

Now that you're ready to start developing valuable content that your prospects will gladly give up their information to obtain, do you have a plan of how you'll execute on that plan? What kind of content should you put out? When should you put it out? How often do you need to produce new content? The HIVE GrowthPlan is a fully customized strategy plan to help you plan and execute in order to achieve your goals! Get your GrowthPlan NOW!


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