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How We Increased Website Traffic 147% with Three Emails

Amber Klein
December 23, 2016

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HIVE Digital Strategy has been a HubSpot partner agency for a little over a year and is currently working with various clients who use the HubSpot software. We've talked a little generically thus far about some of our favorite aspects of the HubSpot software but in this post, I wanted to dig a little deeper into some specific results we were able to accomplish with one of our clients who is using the software.

This client is in a B2B industry and is looking to significantly increase her business and overall revenue this year. This company is primarily using inbound marketing for this and relies heavily on educational blogs and high value content offers. We've been working with this client since about February and had been seeing consistently high conversion rates on all landing pages but, the main problem we were seeing is that we were not getting a ton of traffic to her site. We were concentrating heavily on SEO in our blogging efforts but weren't seeing a ton of organic traffic. So we knew we needed to try something different in order to get some traction and see some increased website traffic.

We decided that we would take her current database and start sending a monthly blog update email outlining the blogs we'd posted that month. As soon as we sent that first email, we knew we were on to something. Now, don't get me wrong, traffic didn't skyrocket but there was a significant uptick after one email. And this was all before we'd even had this client's entire current database!

From that point, we knew that concentrating more heavily on email was going to be crucial for us to help reach this clients' goals. Once we were able to get their entire client (and past client) database, we sent out a email blast to the entire database announcing her new website, followed up about a week later with an email promoting a new ebook and then send the monthly blog update email for that month. At the end of that month, we checked our analytics and found that website visits had increased 146.81%. After just three emails all sent to people the client had in their original database.

You might be wondering where HubSpot factors into this whole thing other than being able to send the emails directly from the software... While that is a great feature, the important thing HubSpot did for us in this situation was to allow us to compare monthly website visits side-by-side to see the huge uptick after emailing and also provided us with reporting showing where the traffic came from (spoiler alert: a TON came from email) and the ability to see how each email performed. And we are able to review all of this information in one place! We don't have to pull reports from various sources and try to decipher how they relate to each other. HubSpot does that for us!

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