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3 Simple Content Marketing Ideas Using Assets You Already Have

Amber Klein
February 20, 2016

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As you’re probably aware, we love content here at HIVE. We love creating it, we love reading it, we love sharing it but most of all, we love what it can do to help your customers find you and develop those qualified leads.

And there are so many reasons to join the content revolution! Here are just a few of our favorite current stats on the state of content:

But, we also understand that coming up with content marketing ideas can be a total time suck and you're busy, you don't have time to develop a 50-page ebook or host a webinar. No problem! Here are 3 simple content ideas using assets you probably already have floating around on that company intranet.

1. Checklists

Checklists are incredibly engaging pieces of content that customers love. And these are super easy to create. For example, if you work for an accounting company you could make a checklist of the 10 things you need to bring to your tax accountant. You already know this information. You already use this information, most likely daily. You might even already have a physical checklist sitting on your desktop. Offering this as downloadable content is a great idea both to educate and engage your customers.

2. FAQs

Every industry and every company has a list of questions that their customers are always asking them. Whether this is something written or something that just lives in your brain. These types of questions are great starting places for educational blog posts. Your sales team can probably give you 10-20 questions immediately that they're constantly answering.

3. Industry News

Is there something big going on in your industry? This is a great thing to promote. Send an email or write a blog outlining the news and how your company is addressing it or benefiting from it and, MOST IMPORTANTLY, why that should be important to your customers and how it benefits them. 

So there you have it, three simple, quick content marketing ideas to get you started on your content marketing.

Inbound marketing is the way more and more customers are finding businesses they do business with and inbound marketing is all about content. Curious how inbound marketing could increase traffic to your site, lead generation, and customer conversion? Chat with one of our specialists today!

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