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Account-Based Marketing: The Secrets of Killer ABM Reporting

Account Based Marketing: The Secrets of Killer ABM Reporting

Dustin Brackett
June 27, 2024
Account Based Marketing: The Secrets of Killer ABM Reporting

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Are you tired of B2B marketing feeling like a scattershot approach? You and thousands of other savvy marketers also share the same sentiment. No more wasting precious resources on unqualified leads. It's time to ditch the generic tactics and laser focus on your dream accounts, the ones with the power to skyrocket your revenue. In comes account based marketing (ABM).

ABM streamlines the process by weeding out less valuable companies early on. It nurtures a deep alignment between marketing and sales, which allows them to collaborate on formulating personalized experiences that captivate your target accounts. Buckle up, B2B marketers, because we're plunging headfirst into the world of killer ABM reporting.

Account Based Marketing Reporting Explained

Just like a superhero needs their utility belt, effective account based marketing hinges on data-driven insights. Reporting lets you track your progress, identify what's working (and what's not), and ultimately, maximize your ROI. ABM reporting involves tracking interactions and behaviors of target accounts.

Monitoring various touchpoints and interactions during the customer journey provides a clear picture of how target accounts progress through the sales funnel. By doing so, marketing teams understand how well the campaigns resonate with the intended audience. They can also identify which strategies are most effective and where adjustments are needed.

Account based marketing reporting is both about measuring success and continuously optimizing efforts to drive better results. With tools like RollWorks and HubSpot, businesses can streamline their ABM reporting processes.

These platforms offer robust features that help track, analyze, and visualize data from ABM campaigns. Integrating HubSpot and RollWorks tools into your marketing stack also provides access to real-time insights and comprehensive reports, which enable more informed decision-making.

Metrics to Add to Your Account Based Marketing Reporting Arsenal

Think of your ABM reporting metrics as your personalized treasure map that guides you to the gold at the end of the ABM rainbow. To effectively report on ABM campaigns, B2B marketers should track some, if not all, of the following metrics that provide insights into the engagement and behavior of target accounts:

Website Engagement

Gone are the days of generic website analytics. With account-based marketing reporting, you can track how your target accounts interact with your website. Look for metrics like total web visits, unique visitors, and depth engagement metrics (time on site and pages per session) to understand how deeply your ideal accounts dive into your content.

Pro Tip: Leverage the power of integrations. Again, tools like RollWorks, seamlessly integrated with HubSpot, allow you to create dynamic account lists and track website activity for each account on that list. You also gain invaluable insights into their interests by seeing which target accounts visit your high-value pages.

Social Media Buzz

Social media is a goldmine for knowing your target accounts' needs and preferences. You can learn much about how consumers engage with your brand on platforms like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Monitoring social media engagement (likes, shares, comments, and mentions) from target accounts can also help assess your marketing strategies' effectiveness.

Video Content Consumption

Videos are also a powerful tool for engaging prospects. We live in an extremely video-centric world, and as a B2B marketer, you need to know how your target accounts interact with your videos. Track video starts and completions to see which content is most effective in capturing and retaining the attention of high-value accounts. Use what you learn to tailor your video strategy accordingly.

Key Page Views

Not all website pages are created equal. Identify the most valuable pages in your sales funnel and track how often your target accounts visit them. It unveils content that's most effective in nurturing leads within your target accounts.

Also, monitor the Total Number of Web Visits from target accounts to get an overall view of how much traffic these accounts are driving to your website. This metric enables you to see the reach and visibility of your account based marketing efforts. While at it, check on Unique Web Visits to identify the breadth of engagement and ensure your ABM efforts are reaching a diverse range of high-value prospects.

Sales Chat Initiations

Sales chat features are also a fantastic way to gauge real-time buying intent. Track the number of times representatives from your target accounts initiate chats to understand which accounts are most sales-ready.

HIVE Strategy: Your HubSpot Agency Partner

Account based marketing reporting is a marathon, not a sprint, but you don't need to go at it alone! Utilizing HubSpot for your ABM strategy will boost your reporting capabilities. RollWorks provides advanced tools for identifying and engaging target accounts while HubSpot offers robust features for tracking and analyzing interactions. Together, they create a powerful ecosystem for ABM reporting.

HIVE Strategy is a HubSpot agency that can offer additional benefits for your ABM efforts. We have the expertise and resources to help you fully utilize the features of HubSpot. Our team also assists in setting up and optimizing your ABM campaigns to ensure you get the most out of your investment.

We provide strategic guidance, technical support, and ongoing optimization to drive the success of your ABM initiatives. Leave the technical details to the experts so you can focus on engaging and delighting your target accounts. Contact us today to learn more about account-based marketing.

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