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Buzzy Love

Social Media Marketing Services: Is Instagram Right for My Business?

There are hundreds of different social media marketing services. And for years, the majority of social media marketing has taken place on Twitter and Facebook. But, as the two big networks invest more heavily in paid advertising, businesses are...

How To Get Found: Content Creation Services

We're not really into clichés at HIVE, but the saying, "Content is King" is absolutely true. 
With the ability to tune out intrusive ads (check out our previous blog post -  How Marketing has Changed: Inbound vs Outbound Marketing on the...

Why You Should Outsource Your Social Media Marketing Services

It's almost Christmas and EVERY year I ask Santa for more hours in each day. EVERY year he lets me down. Dang it Santa! I've been really good this year! I swear! ;)
All we have is 24 hours in each day to be as productive as we possibly can...and...