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HubSpot World Certification Week

Things will be buzzing this week at the HIVE as our team will focus on professional development by learning, connecting, and growing through HubSpot Academy. It's important to us to know HubSpot inside and out so we can help our clients create...

Getting Your HubSpot Certification: 5 Courses to Introduce Inbound

HubSpot Academy has a wealth of information. Whether you would like to be in HubSpot every day using their business software platforms or if you're using their knowledge base to expand your marketing expertise, HubSpot's tools and useful marketing...

An Intro to Inbound with HubSpot Academy

As a new member of the HIVE, part of my onboarding process has been earning relevant certifications from HubSpot Academy. I’m a new copywriter on the team, and while I’ve been working in marketing for the last five years, I’m new to HubSpot. Let the...

Top 5 Benefits of the HubSpot Academy

If you’re familiar with the Hubspot CRM or HubSpot Marketing software, you probably already know that it’s one of the best programs for inbound marketing and sales teams. The platform offers plenty of freedom with easy integration options for social...

HubSpot Inbound Certification: Benefits & How to Pass the First Time

If you’re somewhere in between a total beginner and a modest level of experience when it comes to your understanding of inbound fundamentals, HubSpot Academy’s Inbound course will definitely be worth your time. As someone with previous experience...

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