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HubSpot's Content Hub: Discover the Strength of an AI-Powered CMS

HubSpot's Content Hub: Discover the Strength of an AI-Powered CMS

Jill Schneider
May 22, 2024
HubSpot's Content Hub: Discover the Strength of an AI-Powered CMS

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The timing on this was perfect enough to leave us—especially content writers—wondering if this was a late April Fool’s joke. A hub explicitly created for content writers that are word wizards of the marketing teams? It was also curious that this announcement came seven months after INBOUND, HubSpot’s biggest event of the year, where the anticipation of big announcements like this is almost palpable. But on April 3rd, Hubspot announced the birth of its newest hub. Content Hub. Here’s why we are so excited about what Content Hub has to offer marketers and content writers:

But first, let’s talk about what happened to CMS Hub.

You might have noticed right away that CMS (Content Management System) Hub was missing from the HubSpot software pricing page. No, HubSpot didn’t cast it aside. Content is still King. The features we loved about CMS Hub have been integrated into the new Content Hub. And for legacy CMS Hub customers, you’ll find some new features. 

Exciting New Features for Legacy CMS Hub Customers

For those customers who are subscribed to CMS Hub, you will retain all the original features and functionality of CMS Hub in addition to these new powerful features:

  • Gated Content Library
  • Gated Blogs
  • Basic Blog Post Generator
  • AI Website Builder
  • AI Image Generation
  • Blog Post Narration

Features Legacy CMS Hub Customers Are Missing Out On

Here’s the bad news. There are features of the new Content Hub that aren’t offered with your legacy CMS Hub subscription:

  • Content Remix
  • Brand Voice
  • Podcasts
  • Content Embeds
  • AI Content Translation
  • Custom Blog Post Generator

It’s not all bad news; upgrading to Content Hub will give you access to all these features! For existing CMS Hub customers who are happy with the features, you will be able to renew your CMS subscription but will need to upgrade to the Content Hub to take advantage of the new Content Hub features.

Who is Content Hub Good For?

Content Hub definitely takes advantage of AI technology and can streamline the whole process of content creation, but as a content manager, I would be doing you a disservice if I didn’t warn you about the pitfalls of relying solely on AI-generated content. After all, with content, the rule of thumb is QUALITY over QUANTITY, right? 

One of the biggest issues I have seen is AI's lack of contextual understanding and knowledge about any given topic. Repetitive statements are also an issue. Often, two sentences or paragraphs back to back say the same thing, just with different wording. Another glaring problem is the repetitive use of phrases like “In today’s dynamic marketing landscape” and words like “delve” and “moreover.” While you are probably thinking these things are small potatoes, think about what is going to happen if all the content out there begins to sound the same. The uniqueness that makes writers stand out as industry experts will be eliminated. Do yourself a favor, and don’t rely solely on AI to write your content. This blog post from Neil Patel goes into deeper detail about how best to utilize AI generators for content creation

Now, let’s get into who Content Hub is suitable for.

  • Small teams or individuals that have a good understanding of inbound marketing principles and methodologies.
  • Small teams or individuals that don’t have access to a content strategist or copywriter.
  • Teams that are using HubSpot’s other hubs like Sales Hub, Marketing Hub, Service Hub.
  • New HubSpot customers who want to have a blog and landing pages (more on this later).

Breaking Down Content Hub’s Tools and Features

As HubSpot promised, platform-wide AI-powered products will create deeper connections with customers. Content Hub’s features promise to do just that. In addition to the HubSpot CMS features, Content Hub is full of new functionalities (depending on tier level):

  • Brand Voice: Fine-tune your content with a couple of clicks of the mouse by establishing your brand voice in HubSpot.
  • Blog Post Narration: Finally, an option that allows people who prefer to listen rather than read to consume your content. Also a step in the right direction for ADA compliance.
  • AI Blog Post Generator: Answer prompts to take your blog post from a keyword to an outline to a complete blog post.
  • AI Image Generator: Answer prompts to create images that are relevant to your content.
  • Content Remix: Create multi-channel content for your marketing campaigns with the help of AI.
  • AI Translations: Automatically generate translated versions of your pages or blog posts based on the original content.
  • Content Library Module: Create a library of related resources to share on website pages.
  • Content Approvals: The ability to require approvals for content for specific users.
  • Content Embed for WordPress Websites: Create customized content in HubSpot and integrate it with your WordPress website.
  • Podcasts: Create your podcast using pre-recorded files or AI-generated content.

HubSpot also Made Changes to Marketing Hub

For new customers, landing pages and blogs have moved from Marketing Hub to Content Hub. If you think about it in terms of the different aspects of a marketing strategy, Content Hub offers features tailored to content creation and management, while Marketing Hub focuses on lead generation, marketing automation, and customer relationship management.

Content Hub vs Marketing Hub Features

Content Hub Shared Features Marketing Hub

Landing Pages
Smart content for pages
A/B Testing for pages
Adaptive testing
Content approvals
permissions for blog, pages, forms, and CTAs
Multi-language content creation

Forms / Smart Forms
CTAs / Smart CTAs
SEO Recommendations and analytics
Google Search Console integration
Content Strategy
Video hosting management
Website analytics

Smart content for marketing email
A/B testing for marketing email
Permissions for email, forms, and CTAs
Email approvals
Free version of blog and landing pages

They now offer bundle pricing for Marketing Hub and Content Hub to allow you to get the best value out of both hubs. Click the button below to view a detailed list of Content Hub's tiers and features and tiers.

How Do You Get the Power of Content Hub for Your Business?

It can be confusing, with HubSpot CMS morphing into Content Hub and some functionalities moving from Marketing Hub to Content Hub. What do you really need? This is where working with a HubSpot Solutions Partner (like HIVE Strategy) can help you unravel your business needs and translate them into the software solutions that will work best for you, your goals, and your budget. 

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