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How To Generate A Blog Post Utilizing HubSpot AI In 10 Minutes Or Less

How To Generate A Blog Post Utilizing HubSpot AI In 10 Minutes Or Less

Desiree Landa
June 17, 2024
How To Generate A Blog Post Utilizing HubSpot AI In 10 Minutes Or Less

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I stumbled upon a YouTube video claiming that writing a blog post using AI in just 10 minutes was achievable. Being a digital marketer and content writer myself, this intrigued me. However, after watching the video, I was far from impressed. The steps demonstrated were too basic, and the content produced lacked the quality to impress even Google, let alone someone like me. Determined to do it right, I embarked on my own journey. Here's how it unfolded:

Exploring the Power of HubSpot AI in Content Creation

The advent of AI-powered tools like HubSpot's AI has transformed the landscape of content marketing. These innovative solutions harness machine learning algorithms to generate ideas, create drafts, and refine content, making it possible for marketers to produce compelling blog posts in record time, BUT there is no tool that replaces the human touch. From topic selection to language optimization, HubSpot AI provides a comprehensive suite of tools that streamline the content creation process without sacrificing quality, though you still need to put human eyes on any AI-generated piece of content to add that something extra before publishing. 

Leveraging HubSpot AI begins with understanding its capabilities. The platform offers suggestions based on trends and your past content performance, ensuring that each post is tailored to resonate with your target audience. Furthermore, it aids in structuring your article for better readability, suggesting relevant images, and even providing initial drafts that can be enhanced with a human touch. Notice I said drafts. 

The Dos and Don'ts of Utilizing AI to Generate Content

HIVE Strategy Team QuotesWhen it comes to utilizing AI for content generation, there are certain best practices to follow. Do use AI as a tool to jumpstart the writing process and overcome writer's block. AI can offer a foundation that you can build upon with additional research and customization. Don't rely on AI to produce a final product without human intervention; the nuances of language and the depth of human experience are still beyond the reach of today's AI.

Additionally, always fact-check the information provided by AI, as it might not always be up-to-date or accurate. Ensure that the AI-generated content aligns with your brand's tone and style before publishing. Remember, AI is a powerful tool, but it requires a thoughtful human operator to achieve the best results.


Crafting Your AI-Generated Blog Post with a Personal Touch

While AI can give you a head start in content creation, it's crucial to infuse your posts with your own voice and personality. That's what entices your readers. Always take a moment to add your own personality to AI-generated content. This could mean interjecting personal anecdotes, offering unique insights, or injecting humor where appropriate – and it is always appropriate here at HIVE Strategy. Your readers crave authentic connections, and by personalizing the AI-generated content, you create a more engaging, more relatable experience and an all around better read for them. Now here are the steps I took to generate a blog post utilizing HubSpot AI:

  1. Start by clicking the generate blog post button at the top right of the content screen.
  2. Input the description for the blog post you wish to create utilizing the keywords you've previously selected.
  3. Edit the provided section headlines. This is your first opportunity to tailer the flow of your blog post.
  4. Rewrite the generated introduction. This is the first line your readers will see and HubSpot AI has a habit of generating a singular sentence that is less than enticing. 
  5. Read through the rest of the blog post and add your personality to the text along with relevant links. 
  6. Add your custom CTA and added bonus if your blog post uses the new blog narration tool. 
  7. Generate metadata BUT still edit this to utilize your keywords. 
  8. Then publish. 

Optimizing Your AI-Generated Content for SEO

SEO plays a pivotal role in content marketing, ensuring that your blog reaches its intended audience through search engines. AI tools are adept at suggesting keywords and phrases that can boost your content's SEO. However, it's crucial to integrate these suggestions naturally into your text. Overstuffing keywords can lead to penalization by search engines and diminish the reader's experience.

To optimize your AI-generated content, start by incorporating keywords into your title, headings, and throughout the body in a manner that feels organic. Use AI to analyze competitor content to identify gaps and opportunities for ranking. Additionally, keep your content updated, as AI can help identify outdated information that might hurt your SEO performance. And always remember to add relevant links! This is one area that AI just hasn't mastered yet. 

Measuring the Impact of Your AI-Generated Blog Post

NOW THIS IS AN IMPORTANT TIP. Don't just utilize AI to create content without analyzing it to see if AI-generate content still resonates with your target audience. The efficacy of your AI-generated blog post should be measured to understand its impact and refine future content strategies. Use analytics tools to track metrics such as page views, bounce rate, time on page, and conversion rates, and look at the data side by side with content written prior to you utilizing AI. AI can further assist by identifying patterns in user engagement and suggesting adjustments for better performance.

Moreover, AI-powered sentiment analysis can provide deeper insights into how your audience perceives your content. By measuring the impact consistently, you can develop a more data-driven approach to content marketing, leveraging AI not just for creation, but also for continuous improvement.

Now, was all this possible in 10 minutes or less? Absolutely not. This piece actually took me double the time and that doesn't even take into account adding in statistics, linking to other relevant content and creating a custom CTA to wrap this whole present up with a beautiful bow but here at HIVE Strategy we don't compromise quality for quantity. 20 minutes, 50 minutes, 3 hours..... if a piece isn't complete no amount of time saved with AI is actually going to matter. 

If you want to learn how to write content utilizing AI the right way, join our upcoming HubSpot User Group where we'll dive into the features and benefits of Content Hub with a Fireside chat on how to utilize AI correctly when generating content. If you need help generating quality content that seamlessly fits into your marketing strategy, Let's talk.

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