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How and Why You Should Be Marketing to Generation X

Amber Klein
January 29, 2016

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Known as the Forgotten Generation, the Connected Generation and the MTV Generation, Generation X is often overlooked in our marketing efforts as we strive to capture desirable Millennials and Generation Z. But overlooking these people is a huge mistake and we should definitely be focusing some part of our marketing to Generation X.

Generation X is made up of those born roughly between 1960 and 1980 and consists of approximately 65 million Americans. They are either in or entering their peak earning and spending years. In addition, they have the highest spending power of all living generations. Gen X has money to burn and all we need to do is get in front of them.

So how do we do that? What is the most effective way to seek out this audience? What might come as a surprise to some, the best way to reach Gen X is digitally. As the first generation to come of age along with the internet, Generation X has embraced technology (mobile in particular) like no generation before or after them.
There are a number of digital tactics that are especially effective for this particular audience:


While email campaigns are often viewed as old-fashioned by Millennials and are too new for some Boomers, email is one of the most used platforms by Gen X, most of whom check their email daily. 


More than any generation, Gen X tends to research products online before making purchases. Therefore, optimizing PPC and SEO strategies in order to capture them when they’re researching is essential in selling to this audience.

Social Media

53% of Gen Zs visit Facebook daily. And given that 80% of US social networkers prefer to connect to brands through Facebook, social is a digital tactic that shouldn’t be ignored.


This one might come as a surprise to some but video is incredibly popular for this generation. Over 75% of Gen Xers download or stream video online at least once a month. Gen X also leads US traffic in video-on-demand services such as Hulu and Netflix.

Despite your industry vertical or product offering, one of the most important first steps in developing any marketing campaign is identifying your target demographic and determining how and where to reach them. Given their size and spending power, Generation X is a group that is ready and willing to purchase. And when marketing to Generation X, digital is the way to go.

All of these tactics contribute to a well rounded inbound marketing campaign. Learn more about how an Inbound Marketing Campaign can increase traffic, leads, and customers for your business!

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