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Evan Burns

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Optimizing HubSpot to Securely Manage Access for Franchisees

A nationwide trash compaction company benefited from the customization of their HubSpot portal to streamline operations for independently-owned franchises that required different software use cases and email templates to improve their email...

4 Content Marketing Essentials Every Business Needs

The key to effective content marketing is creating valuable, useful, and engaging content that your audience wants to read. But one of the biggest challenges is choosing how to format your content in a way that will be the most effective. There are...

4 Myths About SEO You Should Drop This Year

If you've been following this blog for a while, you already know why you shouldn't ever stop performing SEO. People use search engines to find everything from restaurants to holiday gifts to doctors. Internet searches are ubiquitous. So if you want...

When Can I Stop Doing SEO?

Maybe you've been working an SEO campaign and haven't been seeing the results you were hoping for, so you're considering packing it in and focusing your marketing efforts elsewhere. Or maybe you used SEO best practices to create a campaign that was...

Hey Siri, What’s Voice Search, and How Do I Optimize For It?

Voice search is any spoken question people have asked their phones or smart speakers. If you've ever asked Alexa what the weather forecast is today or asked Siri for directions, you've made a voice search. It's changing how people find information...

Tell Me a Story: Better Content Marketing Through Storytelling

Ah, stories. Don't we just love them? We love telling them, and we love hearing them.

We tell stories to our children, we follow stories in our favorite shows, and we read them in books and in the news. Stories are everywhere, and storytelling is...

Beginners Guide to Writing Killer Conversion Copy

We've always heard that a picture is worth a thousand words. And it is. However, in the world of inbound marketing, copy is king. Compelling copy is a marketer's bread and butter. Imagine these two scenarios: