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Evan Burns

Evan Burns

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Hey Siri, What’s Voice Search, and How Do I Optimize For It?

Voice search is any spoken question people have asked their phones or smart speakers. If you've ever asked Alexa what the weather forecast is today or asked Siri for directions, you've made a voice search. It's changing how people find information...

Tell Me a Story: Better Content Marketing Through Storytelling

Ah, stories. Don't we just love them? We love telling them, and we love hearing them.

We tell stories to our children, we follow stories in our favorite shows, and we read them in books and in the news. Stories are everywhere, and storytelling is...

Beginners Guide to Writing Killer Conversion Copy

We've always heard that a picture is worth a thousand words. And it is. However, in the world of inbound marketing, copy is king. Compelling copy is a marketer's bread and butter. Imagine these two scenarios: