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3 Reasons Why You Should Use HubSpot CMS

3 Reasons Why You Should Use HubSpot CMS

Chris Queen
February 6, 2023

Trying to decide which CMS is right for your website?

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I have worked with the HubSpot CMS for many years, and I cannot sing its praises enough. It is a very powerful tool that makes building and maintaining a website significantly easier than most other systems out there. It's seriously the bee's knees (see what I did there?), and more people should be using it. There are a ton of reasons to be indoctrinated into the cult of the HubSpot CMS, probably too many to list in one place, but I can at least point out a few that I find important.


Pick up and Go right out of the box

In order to sing the praises of HubSpot, I must first talk about one of its biggest competitors, WordPress. This is not going to become a dunk on WordPress article (no matter how much I want to), but there are some things that are omnipresent on that platform that HubSpot manages to avoid and make significantly better.

The biggest advantage HubSpot has is that it is designed from the ground up to be a usable website design tool for people who don't necessarily understand websites. WordPress came about first and was originally used for blogs when the concept began to boom. It is open-source software, so you can modify it on your own to get the features and functionality you want. This greatly opens up the number of possibilities you have but also creates a technical barrier.

"HubSpot just works out of the box, and you can rely on it continuing to work that way."

You are reliant upon a collection of plugins and themes developed by others that are not guaranteed to work together. You are also tied to the developer of that product to keep up with the latest version releases of WordPress in order to have your website function. If one of the developers decides to discontinue working on their plugin or theme for whatever reason, you are left out in the cold and scrambling to find something else that works.

Related Reading: Website CMS Comparison — HubSpot vs. WordPress vs. Squarespace

That limitless customization can actually be a trap when trying to get a working website up. You can end up having to make a ton of choices while not being able to progress on actually making the thing you want to make. You also have to hunt around for the UI and editing elements that work best for you. 

With HubSpot, you no longer have to worry about things changing and can instead focus on what you are trying to accomplish with the website. You also gain the added benefit of being able to go to HubSpot Support for help with anything instead of relying on a webmaster.

HubSpot just works out of the box, and you can rely on it continuing to work that way. No update is going to trap your site in a state of limbo, nor require you to make massive changes in order to keep it live.

For HubSpot partners and web developers, you also gain the ability to work in other HubSpot instances without having to worry about what editor and plugins they use. There will always be some learning curve when you are switching to a new place, but it is much quicker to learn because of that built-in familiarity.


Connection without integration — unless you want to!

It's generally advantageous to house as much of your web stack in one place as you can. When you diversify into many different subsystems, you run the risk of having them not talk correctly or having to check multiple places to find your answers. This is a bad thing for humans. The more steps a process takes, the less likely we are to actually complete it. Those little annoyances keep adding up until you are avoiding the task outright, even though it is important to making money.

HubSpot is able to avoid that by including a massive suite of tools in the system which all work together. You can stay in one place and access everything you need in order to be successful. You can see how your web pages, landing pages, forms, and CTAs all interact to create and move deals through the pipeline. This puts a ton of power in your team's hands to use that data and get results.

Even better, HubSpot is constantly working on its integration systems to provide you with the best experience possible! If you are serious about your data, you really should check out the options that Operations Hub gives you. If the page looks like gibberish to you, reach out! We would be happy to talk with you about how Operations Hub can work for you.

Talk to One of Our HubSpot Experts


You even get a secret website lab!

A feature in HubSpot that does not get enough love is the Content Staging section. The article I linked describes it in more detail, but the quick description is that content staging allows you to create entirely new web pages or new versions of your existing pages onto a domain no one can find. This allows a ton of flexibility when looking to change things on your site. Instead of relying on the preview window and doing all of your work in draft mode, you can really get your hands dirty and change things around. The website features are the same as the regular editor, so you are not limited in what you can do.

When the time comes to show your greatest creation to the world, HubSpot handles the changes for you. You no longer have to juggle unpublishing and republishing your pages when you make major changes. Instead, you get to click one button and have the system take care of the rest. Everything goes where it is supposed to, and it's a seamless transition from the old page to the new!

These are just a few reasons for you to consider using the HubSpot CMS for your website, but there are so many more. Is HubSpot CMS Worth It? That's a hard, fast yes! If you are curious about how your website experience could change by making the switch, let us know! We want to hear from you.Learn About HubSpot

HubSpot CMS

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