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Our Digital Strategy Agency Intros Client Success Before a Deal Closes

Our Digital Strategy Agency Intros Client Success Before a Deal Closes

Yvonne Hall
November 30, 2020

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Since we are an inbound agency and many of our own leads are inbound leads, we don't often need to spend sales calls explaining what we do and why organizations need it. They've already become aware of their issue, they have researched us, and they have determined that HIVE Digital Strategy could be a good fit. The job of our business development team is to share what it will be like to work with us -- the retainer program, our value based point system, our level of inbound and HubSpot expertise, and IF we as an agency are a fit with their team and their company. And that is why we feel intros during the sales process is important. Let me explain... 

Inbound Sales

With inbound sales prospects you already know they are a warm lead. They have followed your digital bread crumbs online and already determined that you could be a good fit. We use inbound sales because:

  1. We practice what we preach and build for our clients
  2. It allows our sales team to be more productive with bottom of the funnel prospects vs. a longer sales cycle that must occur with outbound sales

During the inbound sales process, our prospects typically already have an idea of what they are looking for in a marketing partner and have reviewed our website or read our reviews on the HubSpot directory. And since we have HubSpot, our sales team can see that research activity in their activity feed. This allows them to spend time on additional sales enablement pieces, not reiterating the content and information that has already been discovered by this prospect.  This means it is time to determine fit. 

Digital Strategy Agency

As a digital strategy agency, we partner with medium to large organizations on creating digital marketing campaigns to meet their goals. We are well versed in digital marketing tactics, but we can't determine the best tactic until we have a full scope of your goals, your capabilities, your personas, and your sales hand-off process. This is why we mention examples of what a campaign might look like during sales calls, they are just that - examples. Your Client Success Manager will have you complete an onboarding questionnaire and then have a kick-off meeting to ensure we have all the data needed to strategize the optimal digital marketing plan for your organization and to meet your goals. If in that kick-off it is determined that we don't have enough information we may need to spend more time digging deeper. Often times that is done via a GrowthPlan

<< Find out more about HIVE's GrowthPlan and the benefits it provides for a strategic digital marketing campaign here >>

Regardless of previous data or future goals, one thing remains true for every potential client - your plan will be custom. There is no way to say, "everyone needs this one tactic." I mean we can make generalities like, everyone needs a content plan that includes an SEO keyword focus, but many companies have that in place (or at least started). So that would not be part of our strategic plan for that type of company - as long as it is being executed well already (though a keyword-focused content strategy is one area that we see is lacking in most of the organizations we talk with).

Digital Marketing Packages

As we mentioned above, often our partnerships typically begin with a GrowthPlan and a HubSpot Audit to determine recent and current efforts, optimization of tools, and opportunity gaps in the competitive landscape that will result in some quicks wins. This is extremely important because we don't offer templated, cookie cutter campaigns. These deep dives allow us to get acquainted with each organization and take a fresh look to determine a custom approach for each partnership. Even if the tactics are the same, the process and execution will most likely be different. Yes, this is more time consuming, but it is also the only way we can create a plan to reach your organization's goals vs another organization's goals. And that is the key objective. 

One aspect that is ALWAYS included in our monthly retainer packages is account management. That allows your Client Success Manager to stay in touch with your projects and communicate with you appropriately, as well as determining any point recommendation pivots each month (which are always presented to clients for approval before execution begins) and time for regular meetings.  Other campaign tactics could include:

  • SEO campaigns
  • Landing page creation
  • Blog post copywriting
  • Workflow creation
  • Chatbot development
  • and more!

Why (and When) We Include Client Success? 

You may have picked up on our word choice of 'partnership' in our previous paragraphs. We have found that our ideal persona is a marketing and sales team that is looking to work together for long-term success. Often times we find that teams are understaffed or under-skilled in the areas where we excel and are looking for a partner to create and execute campaigns. But MANY digital agencies, and HubSpot partners can create and execute campaigns. The real key to long-term success is PARTNERSHIP. We've found partnership to be A LOT easier when the parties are in alignment in both strategy as well as working styles or personality. This is the real reason why a Client Success Manager is invited to join a deck or proposal review meeting. The only way to have an idea if you will be in alignment and if you could potentially get along is to meet!

Although COVID  has limited most business meetings this year to online video calls, we've actually been using this online meeting technology for years to meet with and support our clients across the nation.  Yes, we changed our technology platform recently, but aren't they all the same? Our team is well versed in running online video meetings as well as conveying our passion and expertise via online video. But how would you know that before you experience it? It would be difficult for sure. And since our goal is to reduce friction in the buying process, we of course will not only include a Client Success Manager, but we also do our best to align meetings so that YOUR Client Success Manager will be on the video call to answer questions and give you their insight on how you could partner for optimal success. Yes, I just said you'd meet your main point of contact before we even ask for the sale. 

So as you know now, we're kind of an open book. Have more questions? Ready to get started? All you have to do is click below to find a time to begin your conversation with our team. We can't wait to meet you! Virtually of course. 

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