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INBOUND23: Highlights from our Favorite Sessions

INBOUND23: Highlights from our Favorite Sessions

Desiree Landa
September 21, 2023

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In the ever-evolving world of marketing, where strategies and trends shift like the sands of time, there exists a beacon of knowledge and inspiration known as INBOUND.
Every year, this remarkable conference brings together the brightest minds in the industry, igniting discussions that illuminate the path forward for marketers worldwide. It's a treasure trove of insights, ideas, and, perhaps most importantly, words of wisdom that resonate long after the event concludes.

As our team reflects on our time at INBOUND and all the amazing announcements of features to come, we wanted to share our six favorite quotes that have the power to inspire, motivate, and reshape our perspectives on marketing. But this is just the beginning. INBOUND is a wellspring of knowledge, and there's much more to explore. So, without further ado, let's dive into the wisdom that INBOUND has to offer, and stay tuned for the incredible journey ahead.

"The 'Request A Quote' button on your website is
the middle finger of the internet."
~ Marcus Sheridan

Times have changed, and buyers no longer need to walk down your intricate paths to receive the information they need to complete a purchase. Gating things like pricing and not sharing comparisons between you and your competitors only hurts your brand.

"It's not just personalized, it's personal."
~ Yamani Rangan

Offering a personalized experience is templated, tokenized even. But offering a personal experience is tailored, and that's what customers expect. 

"AI will take your job... and give you one that's better."
~ Dharmesh Shah

When it comes to teams that haven't begun to utilize AI — the overwhelming reason is the fear of being replaced, but AI is not an applicant or an expert by any means. It is a tool to be used to make your job easier. 

"Negative customer feedback is a superpower."
~ Brooke B. Sellas

Negative customer feedback serves as a superpower for businesses because it possesses the potential to drive significant positive change. Unlike positive feedback, which can boost morale and confirm that things are going well, negative feedback acts as a catalyst for improvement.

"The concept of bad leads is bullshit."
~ Dustin Brackett

There is no such thing as a bad lead, only a lead that we have not taken the time to nurture, educate, and build a relationship with. Every lead, regardless of their initial quality or readiness to buy, has the potential to become a valuable customer. It all depends on the customer journey we lead them on before sending them to sales.

"No one believes in your dream more than you do. Every day, wake up and do something to move your dream forward."
~ Reese Witherspoon

Whether you attended the conference in person or followed along virtually, we hope you've taken away the inspiration and new way of thinking we all took away from INBOUND. Keep the momentum going, continue to engage with the incredible INBOUND community, and let's keep pushing the boundaries of marketing together. The journey has just begun.

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