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How to Use HubSpot's SEO Scan Tool

How to Use HubSpot: SEO Scan Tool

Alejandro Rodriguez
September 15, 2022

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WebCrawler. Lycos. Excite. Dogpile. Altavista. If these names don't ring the bell, I am pretty sure the next ones will. I am confident to say many of you have heard of Google, Yahoo, DuckDuckGO, and Bing. In fact, you have most likely used one of these to carry out a web search that led you to this blog. Search engines are like digital librarians we use whenever we need to find something quickly that is interesting and of value to us. 

So, how is it possible that just by typing a search query or topic into a search engine, related information is delivered to our screen? Most of the time, the content we are looking for is visible right at the top of the search engine page results — all thanks to a process called SEO (search engine optimization). How do you get it right? Well, HubSpot has tools built right into its platform that give you SEO recommendations. You know, the one you probably ignore because you're too busy publishing content to your website. Here's why you need to stop ignoring HubSpot's SEO recommendations!

Breaking Down How SEO Works for You

Search engines look at SEO to rank and position website pages that are displayed on the SERPs (search engine results pages). In fact, thanks to these best practices, the traffic to your website (this is called organic traffic) will increase by attracting more visitors that are genuinely interested in your site content, product, or services, which can translate to more sales and increased earnings and profit. Furthermore, the better your SEO practices, the higher your site will appear in the SERPs. And the closer to the top, the more likely people will click on the link, attracting valuable users to your website. Let's get started with HubSpot's SEO Recommendations Tool.

The Power of HubSpot's SEO Recommendations

Now that we know how important SEO best practices are and why we should always strive to implement them, let's talk about how HubSpot helps this process. HubSpot analyzes accessibility, crawling and indexing, mobile experience, on-page SEO, performance, security, and user experience. Together, all of these things are important factors in how your website is ranked by search engines. HubSpot takes these recommendations very seriously by updating them monthly to keep up with algorithm changes Google makes.

HubSpot SEO Scan Tool Showcase

Here I have created a little showcase/demo video so you can see, on my own website, the power of the HubSpot SEO scan tool. Click here to watch the video.

How to Use HubSpot - SEO Scan Tool

Watch the Video

Wrapping Up

And there you have it. I thought my own personal website was rock solid. Not so much. I showed you how to use the HubSpot SEO tool and recommendations to optimize your website. Now get in there and jump straight to the source of the issues. It can't get any easier or more efficient than this.

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