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Digital Agency Adds Service to Increase Clients' Organic SEO

DENVER, April 26, 2019 — Local marketing agency, HIVE Digital Strategy, announced earlier this month the addition a new service for clients to increase local brand exposure as well as organic search engine optimization (SEO).

“It’s a well-known tactic to send press releases to local media to help increase earned media for a company or product,” explained Dustin Brackett, CEO and Founder of HIVE. “However, many aren’t realizing or taking advantage of the digital components a press release can offer for organic search engine optimization for their website.”

With their newest hire, HIVE gained over 20 years of integrated marketing experience including public relations. Yvonne Hall, Senior Account Manager for HIVE Digital Strategy, began pitching various public relations initiatives that could boost client exposure.

“We had been learning of Inbound PR through our relationship with HubSpot, but did not have the expertise on staff to execute those tactics,” said Brackett. Hall’s PR tactics earned one local fitness technology client a segment on KDVR’s morning show in her first month on the job and the agency realized the opportunity they now had access to.

“Positive local media exposure is always beneficial for a company,” Hall explained, “But coupling that immediate exposure with long term digital exposure is really where a company gets the most bang for their buck.” Social media helped increase ROW ViGOR’s exposure to a new audience and now the video of their appearance and press releases placed on their website help with backlinking and on page SEO in their digital mix. These types of SEO tactics have been in place at HIVE for years and is part of the Inbound Marketing initiatives that they recommend for clients.

“Whether our clients use the HubSpot software suite or not, inbound marketing tactics can be put in place to increase long term, organic effects and pull prospects to their website to learn more instead of only pushing advertising at them. Public relations fits well with this inbound methodology and will be a huge win for our clients even if those media pitches and press releases don’t garner immediate exposure in a publication,” Brackett said about the long-term aspects of the public relations services they now offer at HIVE.

As a Gold HubSpot Partner Agency, HIVE utilizes inbound methods for their clients daily and for the second year, HIVE has been included in the Top Digital Agency listing for the Denver area. Now they can provide this new service that HubSpot calls Inbound PR — the marriage of their inbound marketing methodologies with traditional public relations.

“Inbound PR is like a 1-2 marketing punch, offering clients the immediate aspects of traditional public relations and potential earned media placements as well as the long-term digital benefits including search engine optimization,” concluded Brackett.

HIVE Digital Strategy is a full-service Digital Inbound Marketing Agency in Denver, Colorado that has earned Gold partner status with HubSpot as well as being named a Top Digital Agency two years running. HIVE partners with B2B, B2C, and Nonprofit clients to improve their digital strategy, execution, lead generation, and customer acquisition processes through digital marketing, digital design, marketing automation, and public relations initiatives.

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