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Castle Rock Confection and Fundraising Company Partners with Denver Agency

DENVER, August 15, 2019 — Van Wyk Confections, a family-founded leader in the fundraising industry based in Castle Rock, CO has partnered with an inbound marketing agency to upgrade their website and engage in SEO services. While engaging agencies for a web redesign, HIVE Digital Strategy, a Denver inbound and digital marketing agency, share their Growth Driven Design philosophy for website redesign based on user data.

“Growth Driven Design is a new concept in website development and design that utilizes analytics to make informed decisions on how to build and update a website based on the best experience for users and potential customers,” explained Dustin Brackett, CEO and Founder of HIVE Digital Strategy, a Denver based inbound and digital marketing firm. Brackett continued explaining the new process, “Previously websites were built with parameters from executive leadership and ideas or strengths of the web designer or marketing manager. But none of those people are spending money with the company. Using analytics about how actual prospects and customers navigate and consume the website ensures the site is functioning in the best way for the customer — which of course leads to higher conversions and closed deals.”

HIVE Digital Strategy has been contracted to provide search engine optimization as well a new WordPress CMS design and content creation in conjunction with the Growth Driven Design (GDD) process. Through GDD, HIVE will monitor user data and make changes to Van Wyk’s website to ensure the site attracts and functions optimally for potential and current fundraising customers.

HIVE Digital Strategy is a full-service inbound and digital marketing agency in Denver, Colorado that has earned Platinum Partner status with HubSpot as well as being named a Top Digital Agency two years running. HIVE partners with B2B, B2C, and Nonprofit clients to improve their digital strategy, execution, lead generation, and customer acquisition processes through digital marketing, digital design, marketing automation, and public relations initiatives. 

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