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Tim Monacella

Tim Monacella
Business Development Manager

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Facebook Ads: 8 Reasons to Use Them For Digital Advertising

Digital advertising is a great addition to your inbound marketing strategy. According to Smart Insights, over 4 billion people worldwide use social media1. There's nowhere else you can reach that many people. But, how do you choose which social...

What Should My Marketing Budget Be?

One of the most asked questions in a sales call is, "How much should I be spending on marketing?" It can be quite a dilemma for any size business. Do you want to know what the second most asked question is? "What experience do you have in my...

How to Use HubSpot: Bulk Enroll Contacts in a Sequence

Enrolling contacts into a sequence doesn't have to be painful. HubSpot has tools you can use to simplify the process. This How to Use HubSpot with Tim will walk you through bulk enrolling prospects into sequences.