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How Writing Blogs Can Help Build Your Health and Wellness Company

Amber Klein
January 20, 2017

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You've probably heard that blogging can be incredibly beneficial for your business. But you also might be wondering how exactly blogging can help you grow the business. After all, it can be a total time suck and how can you ensure that anyone will want to even read it? Is this really something worth the time it takes? Well I'm here to tell you that blogging is definitely worth it. In fact, consider the following stats:
  • 81% of US online consumers trust information and advice from blogs. 
  • Companies that blog have 97% more inbound links. (Source: Hubspot)
  • 92% of companies who blog multiple times per day have acquired a customer from their blog. (Source: HubSpot)
  • B2B marketers who use blogs generate 67% more leads than those that do not. (Source: InsideView)
  • 81% of companies consider their blogs “useful,” “important,” or “critical”. (Source: Hubspot)
These stats make it pretty clear that consumers are trusting information from blogs more than they ever have in the past. And as a health and wellness business, you can leverage and even profit off of that by investing in writing blogs for your company. You might still be wondering, however, how exactly writing blogs can help you grow the business. Let's take a look at some of the ways blogging can benefit you.


1. Give the People What They Want!

As outlined by the stats above, consumers are already searching out information online about companies and products so it's important that you stay in front of them in the places they are already looking for information. It's also crucial to provide information that people can access as they need. This is relevant for every industry but especially for the health and wellness space where 80% of internet users have searched for health-related topics online. Knowing that people in general are looking for information online and that it's incredibly prevalent in your industry means you really can't afford to not be providing your customers with the information they're searching out. Think about it; if you don't provide them with the information, another company will and they'll probably be more likely to do business with the company that's already given them what they've asked for.

2. Search Engine Optimization

This is one of the biggest benefits of blogging. For a couple of reasons; first, Google (and those other search engines out there) reward companies who engage in consistent and frequent blogging just because those businesses are constantly creating new content on their website; something that search engines value highly in their algorithms. Secondly, you can target specific keywords in the hopes of increasing your rankings for keywords that consumers are searching for. Here you're looking to target keywords that have a high number of monthly searches and a low difficulty ranking as they will be easier to rank for. Here are a few sample keywords that might work in the health and wellness industry:

Screen Shot 2017-01-20 at 4.59.35 PM.png

If you were using this list, you would probably want to write a blog centered on the keyword "health and wellness" as it has 8,100 monthly searches and a difficulty ranking of only 10. This is what we would refer to as "low hanging fruit" and would be something you could start ranking for fairly quickly.

When using blogging for SEO purposes, it's very important to do your keyword research and ensure you are choosing targeted keywords For more information on how to start writing blogs that will help your SEO efforts, check out this blog post

3. Lead Generation

Another way to leverage your blog is to use it as a lead generation tool. Readers are usually pretty qualified leads as they have identified that they are interested in what you business has to say. These people are more likely to become a lead than, say, someone who sees a couple of your Facebook posts but never actually clicks through to your website. You can't afford to not take the advantage of adding these people to your lead pipeline. Make sure you include a call-to-action promoting a content offer that the reader will deem valuable based on your blog topic at the end of every blog post to make it easy for readers to become leads.

Once your blog readers have converted to a lead, then you can engage them using other lead nurturing tactics and eventually close them into customers. 

For more information about using CTAs, check out this blog post.

4. Thought Leadership

Providing valuable information regularly (ideally at least 1/week) will help your business identify itself as a thought leader in the industry because you are consistently providing valuable information and people will start taking note of that. Consumers love doing business with companies that know what they're talking about and appear to be industry leaders.

So yes, blogging can be incredibly time consuming and hard to keep up with, especially when you have a business to run. But the fact of the matter is that increasing content on your website and providing your prospects with valuable information is a great way to grow your business. So whether you take on blogging in-house or hire an agency, we highly highly recommend adding blogging to your overall marketing plan this year.

Need some assistance ensuring you're doing everything you can to encourage people to visit your blog? Let our Blog Checklist help! Download it today and get to blogging.

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